Faith And Patience

You must know that something greater than man is at work. You must also know that you have to have faith in yourself and patience with yourself. In fact, it is left up to you to believe and not doubt. Look throughout history, all the great men and women have displayed gracefully their ties with faith and patience. In fact, your success or failure will be measured by your patience and faith. By the same token, no man has failed as long as he has faith in the father, faith  in the greater scheme of things, as my grandmother would tell me. Furthermore, you and I know that faith in oneself is a requirement for all achievement.


I read The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence S. Shinn about a month before I got the job as a professor. I recall a story of a woman who was looking for an apartment in New York when they were scarce. Even her friends lost faith in the possibility and told her that she would have to store her furniture away and live in a hotel. She believed otherwise and held to her faith. She knew that the apartment she sought was out there somewhere. Her next step was to pray to the Father because He knew exactly where the right apartment was. She prayed with full confidence for Him to open the way, and she got the apartment despite there being over 200 other applicants. Why? She believed it was possible and never lost faith. That is why it is so important to believe. Don’t forget there is always supply for every demand. As the Great Book states, “Whatsoever ye ask for when ye pray, believe that ye receive it.” 


Immediately after I read that section of the book I stopped and let it marinate for a minute. Then I prayed only for the right job as the book indicated. Believe me, I know I have patience and often tell others that I joined the line twice. I guess the Father was holding me to my words. However, sometimes when we are out looking for jobs or want a breakthrough, we tend to lose faith. I can tell you this from experience, whenever you are closest to your breakthrough that’s when being patient seems hardest. It is then you have to believe more in yourself and more so in the Father who makes all things possible. Your breakthrough is near, hold tight with all the faith you have, and be a little more patient with the process.



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