5 Reason To Stick With Your Dream

How would you feel if someone walk up to you and say, “You change my life” and that’s because you have stick to your dream?

DSCF1371 (2)Would that worth sticking to your dreams until it materialized? A resounding YES if you should ask me! Last week I had a talk at AMSC and a student came to me the day after and said, “Professor Cross, I am glad you stick with your dream because now I have a better look at life and what is possible”. Remember, your determination may just be someone else’s realization. Stick with your dream!

The truth of the matter is, everybody has dreams, but sadly not everybody sticks with their dream to make them a reality. Some people quit because the challenge maybe more bearable than they feel they are able to cope with. I have learned that pain is temporary, for one you should know that this too shall past. Furthermore, accomplishing your dream will make you more fulfilled.

My seven reasons are:

  1. You’ll have a feeling of being more fulfilled
  2. You’ll make a difference in someone else’s life and in turn they’ll feel more inspired to follow their dream
  3. You’ll feel more inspired and when you are inspired things seems to be much easier to attain
  4. You’ll become a more interesting person
  5. You’ll show the naysayers that it’s not what they believe but what you believe about yourself

Your dream is worth sticking to it. You have something that the world wants to experience. You may just be THE ONE who will change the way the people around you think. You could be their light out of their darkness. Your dream is possible. Make this year your best year yet.




2 responses to “5 Reason To Stick With Your Dream

  1. I am moved by your speech. It’s a pleasure to be inspired by you.

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