Start Positive

Start positive.

Some may say that’s easier said than done and others may say getting started is the biggest hurdle in reaching one’s goal. Do you think starting each day positive is a difficult task to incorporate in your life?

Getting started is definitely the way to get to our goal, but what is mostly important is to get started in the right direction. Starting positive doesn’t only associate with how you approach your goal, but I would say how you start your day is even more important. The thing (s) you think about when you get up in the mornings matters. Do you think about your problems or your goal? One has to be mindful of this because how we start our morning may well lead to the way our day is ended. Some time ago before I was on this PotentialToBeGReatventure of empowerment I too like many others wake up with the problem on my mind. I realized that I wasn’t making as much progress as I wanted because of where my focus was. I had to make a conscious shift because I wanted to have better days. I made myself a commitment to start each day positive. For this commitment to take effect and become a natural part of me I made myself a positive affirmation and put it on the table beside my bed where I would see it. After a while my new found habit  have become a part of me and I would naturally start my day positive. Can you commit yourself to a habit that will change your life and how you live it?

Well, this was what I wrote, I AM APPRECIATING LIFE; Today may not be as bright as I would want it to be, but in it is an opportunity to be grateful. When I stop and think back on the good things that I have already experienced, I CAN SEE HOW BLESS I AM. With my new  found habit I realized that I was having better days and at the same time getting more things done. I have make it a practice to start my day positive and I try my very best to avoid negative news or negative people. Back then when I stared this process of shifting from thinking on problems to possibilities I seldom watch the news and even my daily commute would serve as reinforcement to my new way of being. I started to have day ending the way I begins them and the feeling was great and has my commitment was enhanced by the positive results it become easier each day. This was evident to the fact that our thoughts direct our actions and it is our actions that define our life. You have the power to lessen the strength you have place on your problems and that was done by you thinking too much about them. You now should focus more on possibilities, your goal or even the things you are grateful for. Be conscious of what you think about when you wake up. I will say, think positive thoughts. Positive thoughts produce more positive thoughts and as you go throughout your day with that type of energy you’ll be able to get more done. Start Positive!


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