Getting More Out Of Life

“I want to have more out of life than just getting by” was what a student of mine said during our conversation on breaking barriers. As I listened attentively to the student I realized that he had doubt about the possibility of IDOgetting more out of life.  I then reassured the student by saying, when I had decided that I wanted more out of life I also had doubts because it’s natural, especially when we decided to venture in uncharted territory. I then asked the student two questions that were asked of me: Two questions you can ask of yourself. Q. How important is what you want out of life is to you? My second question to the student was; Are you willing to do what it will take in order to get more out of life?

A lot of time we say we want more, but do we really want more. Wanting more comes with sacrifice. Wanting more takes being responsible. We have to be willing to do our part. Also, wanting more may take not going to the parties that you normally would go to, turning of the television or engage in other unproductive activities that doesn’t serve you.

Furthermore, wanting more is getting involved in the things that will enhance, stretch and empower you in the direction of your goal or dream. Always remember, the IMPORTANCE of knowing what you want and having the WILLINGNESS to go the extra mile will be the difference maker. It is possible to have more out of life. You have the ability to get more out of life. Commit yourself to that which you want! Stay hungry. Smiles.


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