Have Faith As A Child

Have faith as a child. A child doesn’t believe that they can’t do something unless you tell them they can’t. I took The Magic of Thinking Big, written by David J. Schwartz, Ph.D, with me today to the after school program to continue YourInnerChildSpiritreading for to pass the time while the students ate there snack.

The Magic of Thinking Big is a book that I have read before. However, reading the book didn’t happen, but something greater did. Two students were not allowed to go outside because they were talking, so they had to complete a task before they could get the opportunity to go. I decided to challenge each student to read the book I brought with me, and without hesitation they asked where they should begin.

I decided to have them read the first page from chapter one, “Believe You Can Succeed and You Will.” The fifth grader read the first page. Not only did he know all of the words on the page, but his explanation blew me away. I wasn’t even able to pronounce most of those words at his age. However, he stated, “You must believe in yourself before you can be happy,” as part of his response. He captured my attention, and I asked him to continue reading.

The second grader took on the challenge, and although he missed a few of the words, his explanation was amazing. He said to me, “You must believe in yourself and never give up on yourself.” I asked him how he came to such a conclusion. He explained, “If I give up on myself, they will laugh at me and think I am weak… I have to believe in myself if I want to be successful.” I encouraged both students to continue believing in themselves.

I then allowed both students to go outside with the other students to play, but before they did, I thanked them for their contributions, as I knew I would be talking about them today. Both students had faith in themselves that they could read the book, which isn’t one you would find in the kids section. Have faith as a child and you will not think you can’t. What happens is that as we grow up our beliefs change as they are influenced by the unbelief of others. Never lose your inner child spirit, and you’ll realize that having faith is a part of the secret of success.


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