You Have Missed Some Of Your Successes

You have missed some of your successes. I hope that statement have you thinking. I have read somewhere some time ago that what we tend to pulled from our memory bank easily are the successes that was created for us, the ones that MissedSuccesseswe have accomplished according to “their” rules. Are the successes you acknowledge is the one’s they acknowledge? Like graduating from high school, getting your driver’s license, getting your first job, getting married and I could go on and on. That is to say, most of the successes we acknowledge are the ones our family and teachers had in mind for us. What do you have in mind for yourself? Have you ever stand up for yourself?

I once was guilty of acknowledging only what others have acknowledged as success; I went on to think of some of my successes as failures. You may have done the same think too. Furthermore, when we think of our successes as failures it then leads us to lower our self-esteem. What happen is that, when we have low self-esteem we tend to lacks believe in ourselves.

I have a student who wants to be a chef and her parents kept telling her that there is no success in that for her. They want her to take on computer technology because that’s what is booming in our society today. The student shared it with me one day when I make a statement of following your passion; as I always encourage them to do what they love. I have asked the student to share some of her success with me. She said, going to college, getting good grades, buying her first car and some other things that I don’t remember right now. This is to say, we are program to believe that what others don’t acknowledge are not success. Weeks later she saw me and said that she is going to pursue what she loves regardless of her parent’s opinion. I would say the young lady following her own mind was a success. Would you? I pointed out to her that what she has done was a success and immediately a smile came to her face. You have to look deep to see what you have overlooked, you too may have some successes that wasn’t consider a success because it didn’t fit with what was predicted or outlined for you.

I didn’t count leaving a job that was becoming toxic for me a success. However, the day I mustered the courage to leave despite of being the top sales person on the floor, the move was looked at as failure. Even some of the other workers said I was crazy, while others couldn’t believe. Leaving eventually proved to be a success and that was because I followed how I was feeling. I have realized that the people who become successful and as I have told the young lady that it is us who have to become responsible and start creating the dreams we want. You may piss some people off in the process, that include families and friends but if you consistently wait on their acknowledgement you may later live a life of regret. Acknowledge yourself! Acknowledge your ability! Acknowledge your uniqueness! Acknowledge what you are passionate about! Acknowledge how you feel! Go ahead and acknowledge all your successes! You must acknowledge all your successes and that includes the attempt you have made some time ago even if you weren’t successful at it the first time around. The truth of that matter is, you didn’t fail. It was a success. All you have to do is go at it again.


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