A Fundamental Truth

Do you know that blaming someone else for how you feel is actually giving up your power? The mere fact that you think that anyone is more valuable than you MannerRelateToSuccessis the moment you start seeing yourself as inferior. You are not inferior, as Eleanor Roosevelt reminded us of this fundamental truth where she stated, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” It doesn’t matter your social status, ethnic background or gender you are not inferior, because that from which you came is not inferior. Being inferior was socially constructed.

However, it will be your personal responsibility to take control of how you respond to the external things; be it people, places or situations. You have a choice.

Furthermore, once you are able to believe that you are not inferior it won’t be long before you start to gain back control of your life. You must give yourself the opportunity to think, feel and behave in a manner that relate to success.

You must remain conscious of the fact you have control of how you react to each situations daily. Sometimes we forget and what we need at times is to remember that we are powerful beyond measures.

I believe that life is design to get us stronger, not so much for it to control us but for some reason we fall in the trapped of thinking less of ourselves. You are not less; you are actually more than you think you are. The way you think will eventually become your fundamental truth; think of yourself as great and that will become your fundamental truth.


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