The Mission Is Possible

The mission
At first it may seems uncertain
Believing what they have told you
Your destiny may have been titled as failure
That’s because you may have lost the connection with the author
Could it also be because you see yourself as separate
Which led to losing the ability of a self-starter
And even though you maybe going
You may still have doubts, but
There is still something that you craves
So you decided to continue
Then you ran into a wall
And you may have said to yourself-
To make it in life is indeed impossible
But if you can BELIEVE then
The mission is indeed possible
You may consider beating the wall with your fist
But first, I would say
With the author you should reenlist
Don’t lose faith even if it take some time to break free
Because if you do
The feeling of defeat will be intensified
So if that’s how you feel
You may want to take a seat
Take some quite time
But remember
The mission is not to quit
Take a look around
See who would help you
And if no one is present
Remember the author never leave you
And it’s only you who can give birth to your seed
But, the mission is possible
If there is still doubt
You may want to consider 
Adjusting your thoughts.


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