11 Tips To Make Your Day More Productive

We all want to make the best use of the 24 hours we are allotted. However, what productivityEnergyFlowshappen  most of the time is that we over looked things that will make our day more productive because they don’t come natural. What you must realize is that all the things we routinely do are from habits that we have practiced throughout our lives. So in order to improve your daily habits and really make the most out of your day follow these tips.

Tip 1. Write your to-do list the night before

  • Your to-do list gives you a clearer vision of what you want to spend your 24 hours doing.

Tip 2. Get up early 

  • You eliminate rushing when you give yourself enough time to do the things you need to do.

Tip 3. Stretch & Exercise

  • It’s a good way to prepare the body for the daily tasks at hand.

Tip 4. Eat a good breakfast that will give you lasting energy

  • Your body needs food to perform at it’s optimum best. Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Tip 5. Follow your to-do list

  •  Start with the activity that has the highest priority and work your way to the least.

Tip 6. Delegate tasks that others can do or you don’t enjoy doing

  • Doing things that you don’t enjoy doing tend to take up more of your time and delegating those tasks will give you more time to do what needs to get done.

Tip 7. Use a timer

  • Parkinson’s Law states that works expands so as to fill the available time for its completion. So give your task enough time but not too much time.

Tip 8. Beware of distractions

  • Distractions pull you away from your to-do list, so be mindful of them. They can drain your time.

Tip 9. Avoid negative conversations

  • Negative conversations are unproductive period, and they serve as distractions.

Tip 10. Take a break

  • Taking breaks re-energizes you.

Tip 11. Avoid multi-tasking

  • Multi-tasking can be the greatest of all distractions because you have your hands on a lot and thinking that you are getting things done, but the fact of the matter is, you’ll get little or nothing done. It’s important to focus in on the task at hand.

I hope these tips are valuable to you. Having a productive day matters. Remember, new habits don’t come easy they take practice and you have what it takes.


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