Change The Invisible

If you want to change the fruits, you must first change the roots. In fact, you cannot change that which you refuse to confront. 


The phrase about if I want to change my fruits, I must change my roots puzzled me as I was wondering how changing my roots was even possible. Well, I was thinking I couldn’t change my roots as a Jamaican. As I ponder, the person who said it to me encouraged me not to answer but to go and think about it. However, as I walked away he said, “If you want success, you MUST understand the meaning of the phrase.” It took me a few days to understand what it meant; of which led me to realize that reading a bunch of information without changing the invisible picture I would still get the same result. In truth and in fact, it is that which is underneath that produces what’s above. My appetite for success grew but the thoughts of doubt, not good enough lingers and it dawn on me that I have to change my roots.

The change the invisible that I’m talking about as the title states are those thoughts of your self-worth, and your self-image that occupied your mind on a daily basis. What are they like? Because if deep down inside you think less of yourself that’s what you’ll accept in reality. If you are going about your daily life saying that you have to see it before you believe it. You may not find the will power to stretch to your full capacity. What if you believe before you see it? That belief is a start in deregulating the restriction you have place on yourself. Go back to the invisible and not able to see it and take for instant electricity. Can you see it? No! But you know its power. So is the power of your mind. From the mind come wonderful fruits. Our reality is from the inside out, believe it or not, so to change the visible we have to be willing to change the invisible.

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