Your Summons Is Served

It’s best to show up. You know something and finding excuses will not put you in a better position.


Don’t let fear hold you back. You must say what you know. You must do what you can, and you can show up even before you understand. This summons is served to remind you of the fact that you didn’t came empty, you came with potential and there is something that you know and giving it is something you owe. You are going to be asked, what have you done with what have been given to you and excuses will not be accepted as an answer. Acting on what you know will be your enhancer. Therefore, don’t be like the man who went a buried what he was given thinking that he had to save it. Your summons is served and what you know the world deserved it. Have bless day and as reminding you is my way of giving back because sometimes to get out of the situation we are in, is just to find the courage to show up or to go deeper within.

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