A Bad Day Is Not A Failure

What old habits have you fall back into? Did you miss your workout session because you had a bad day at work?


You have made the decision already and you decide that you are going to change in order to be the best that you can be. What you don’t want to do on your bad day is consider yourself a failure.

You are not a failure and the truth of the matter is we all have a bad days. However, what I have noticed is that it is easy to go back to old habits especially when things don’t go right. It is important to realize that it is just a bad day you are having and you’ll have tomorrow to get back on track. Don’t let one incident steal from you all the progress that you have made.

I have come to realize that life is like a roller coaster where there are ups and downs. Bad days do occur but you don’t have to regress. You must recognize what have happen because it is you who will have to take responsibility for whatever action you have made prior to the incident and decide that in the future your response will be different.

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2 responses to “A Bad Day Is Not A Failure

  1. I am new on Linkedin and shared this post I hope I did it right. Loved the post, thank you for sharing such positive energy and messages as you do! I am grateful to have the gift of you sharing them.. 🙂

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