You Can Better Your Best

We are all here for a special reason. Stop being a prisoner for your past. Become the architect of your future. – Robin Sharma


To better our best it is imperative that we see each day as an important one. As the quote above states that we are all here for a special reason. Therefore, despite what you have already accomplished you can always better your best. I am a student to life as getting better at what I do is my business. I ran into this lady a few weeks ago at Starbucks and before a minute in our conversation she said, “What a great day” and I replied, indeed it is. What I thought at the time was that the lady was saying the day was great because the sun was out. I was wrong. What she said pulled me in that state of mind of seeing that day as great. See Today as An Important day. When you see the day as important, you’ll also see yourself as important. In fact, from that outlook you’ll be amazed on how more productive you’ll be. TRY IT!

In the middle of our conversation she said to me, “you must better your best” and I say how? She responded by saying, “To better your best ties closely with how you see each day and therefore you must see each day as important first and foremost”. Then she went on to say, do the thing you love because it makes it easier to feel enthused about it. Then you must commit yourself and never be a no –it all. Ask questions, read books and learn from people who have already done it.

If we don’t constantly work on getting better we’ll slowly become out-of-date, rigid. Therefore, we must avoid complacency at all cost. To quote David Statman, “Complacency is the enemy of progress.”

In fact, bettering our best helps with maintaining a higher level of productivity. Moreover we don’t want to ever think that we have done it all already because we haven’t and never forget that somebody somewhere is constantly working on bettering their best. Furthermore, you don’t want to limit yourself to what you already accomplished, doing so is underestimating your own potential. We must constantly find ways to better our best.

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