Break Away From The Self-Imposed Boundaries

It is you who have to do this. No amount of reading and thinking will break you away from self-imposed boundaries unless you do something about it. The truth about it though, it is possible to do.


Focusing on the unnecessary, irrelevant and insignificant is something that we sometimes do. In fact, doing so is what prevents our progress. To break away from the self-imposed boundaries we must learn to prioritize our lives and that is to focus on the necessary, relevant and things that are significant to us. Therefore, today, not tomorrow or someday, but now is when you must make that choice to focus on what is valuable to you. Living, not just exciting- is your birthright, but if you keep limiting yourself to what you think you can’t do. You won’t do anything. You don’t have to have everything in order and this is just a reminder, but start today to do what your heart says. The other pieces to the rest of the puzzle will fall into place. There is no need to worry. Furthermore, don’t deny your greatness by thinking you are not.

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2 responses to “Break Away From The Self-Imposed Boundaries

  1. This is great advice. Thanks for sharing.

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