Are Your Abilities Living Silently Inside?

Are your abilities living silently inside of you? Greatness is upon you and I believe you’ll soon recognize your own greatness if you can just recognize that you are no different from those who you admire. That is, by them being superior and you inferior. This quote, “We all have ability: The difference is how we use It.” by Stevie wonder caught my attention and I wanted to share it.

Your abilities are calling out to you. You may have the nudge to do something but be thinking you are not good enough because those who are currently doing what you feel to do, seems to be better than you in your eyes. You are not here to do what you do like no one else and if it was so, the trip here would be boring. You are unique and you must embrace your uniqueness. Never forget that the world needs what you have to offer and your unique way of doing whatever you have to share. Don’t go about thinking that the people who are doing their part are better than you and don’t spend all your given time looking outside of you for validation. Go within for your validation and as you admire others, it is time for you to admire yourself because there is something great within you. It was Henry Ford who said, “There is no man living who isn’t capable of doing more than he thinks he can do.” You are here to give what you have and if you don’t speak like, write like, draw like, act like or whatever you do, your duty is to do it to the best of your ability and in the same breath, do what you LOVE. If that’s not the case, LOVE what you do.

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