Whatever this day gives you, celebrate. Why? Because it will give you something to be joyful about or an experience to learn from. Which ever way it turns out to be for you, celebrate.


Although today is not Friday, your birthday, anniversary or you’re having huge victories in your life, still celebrate. What happens so often is that, too many times the small successes been overlooked because it was nothing major. If it was a minor success, celebrate. You wake up this morning, celebrate. You were able to drive to and from work, celebrate. Whatever you were able to do today in its completion or not, celebrate. If you still think that you haven’t done anything significant today and you are reading this, celebrate. Don’t want for a major success, a major victory, a major deal, but be grateful for your small success, your small victory and the minor deal that have come your way. The gratitude that you have for what you have already accomplished is a direct indicator to that which you’ll later have to celebrate in your life. Celebrate something about your life today, because you deserve it.

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