10 Thing To Know About The Art Behind The SUCCESSFUL

If you should read the biographies of the successful you’ll realize that they have no more power than you. They simple find what they love and stick to it no matter what until they produce fruit/results. The likes of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Sam Walton, J Zay, Michael Johnson, Helen Keller, Booker T. Washington, Mark Kay, Martin Luther King, Napoleon Hill, Barack Obama and I could continue because they are so many successful people out there that have found a system that work for them. From reading about these people I came up with these 10 timeless practices that I will call the art behind their success.SuccessfulHabits

  1. They are SELECTIVE. They don’t just do anything; they chose to do the things that resonate with them.
  2. They UTILIZE what ability they have. They don’t sit and wish they have some other ability in order to start doing something with their lives.
  3. They are CONVINCE that they are capable. They drop whatever limiting ideology society painted on what’s possible.
  4. They take CONTROL of their lives. They don’t leave their personal development in someone else’s hand.
  5. They refuse to use EXCUSE as a crutch. They know if it’s to be, they will have to get busy doing it.
  6. They are SECURE in their deposition. Their outlook on life is optimistic and their actions mirror their security.
  7. They are SELF-RELIANT. They don’t believe in passing the buck, they are great example of individuals who are responsible and disciplined.
  8. They FOLLOW-THROUGH. They know that it’s easy to start something but to get the most favorable result or the result they want they know that they have to go through with what they say they are going to do.
  9. They see the power in being UNIQUE. They realized that to be successful you have to feel comfortable with who you are.
  10. They LOVE what they do. Loving what you do is not a matter of having it easier, but you’ll find it easier to stick with what you love to do when it is not so easier to continue. The love for what you do will help you to go the extra mile.

As you can see there is no magic; well the magic is in their disposition – their outlook, their personality, their character and the attitude they choose to display in their daily lives.

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