How To Get To Your PERSONAL Best


We all may have a peak to what we can accomplish in our lifetime here on earth, but whilst we are ALIVE we can always better our best. The phrase personal best have been mostly associated with athletes in regards to how fast they’ve ran, how many points they’ve scored or how many shots they’ve took whilst they are competing in their sport of choice. Not because I have been an athlete myself, but I see how closely related sports are to life. Athletes have to do certain things to produce their personal best, so does non-athletes. Although they may not have associate a particular accomplishment by the non-athletes as personal best, they too have to do certain things to be at their best. Therefore, whatever your endeavors are, you too can reach your best performance. Remember, talent alone will not get you to be at your best performance and you too may have seen talented people who are doing nothing. We all have talents. In fact, you too can get to your personal best-that stellar performance, it’s inside of you and why then limit yourself, the potential is already living on the inside of you. It was Robin Sharma who said, We all have something that we are meant to do. Your genius will shine through, and happiness will fill your life, the instant you discover your higher purpose you will then direct all your energies towards it.” 

Let’s see if we can attain our own personal best. For that to happen, you have to

PUSH THROUGH the testing phase, which is very important because that is where most people give up.

EXECUTION has to take place. Having the idea, the program without doing it will not take you to your personal best.

 RE-CALIBRATE because not every approach towards your desire goal will give you the most favorable result.

SOLIDIFY the approach that is giving you the best result.

OPERATE with the mindset of challenging/pushing yourself to go beyond your limitation.

NEVER settle with the result you have obtained especially if you know within yourself that you can perform at a higher standard.

AVOID the crutch of making excuses, because excuses are lies that we tell ourselves. If you tell yourself that you are satisfy just because you don’t feel to stretch yourself you’ll only prevent your own growth.

LEAD even if you don’t have to. You’ll have to be the person who takes the initiative for your personal growth.

Personal best is not just for athletes it’s for us too. Therefore, you must believe that you can always get better in whatever you are doing.

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