We Have To Change The Stories

We are constantly telling ourselves stories and sometimes the stories that we tell ourselves are not uplifting. Telling yourself that you can’t, the resources are limited, no opportunity is available, they don’t like me, I don’t have enough subjects (limited qualification), I don’t have the time, I am not luck like…, and the list goes on. Whatever we tell ourselves is what we believe is. Therefore, by constantly telling yourself the stories that will not help with changing your condition you’ll only remain in the current condition. Tell yourself what you would like to see happen. What stories have you bought? There are too many people who have encountered similar situations as you and have overcome their adversity. Do you think it was just a sheer of luck? I don’t believe so. They change their stories. In fact, everything in life is luck, because we get the chance to experience the experience. However, to change the experience we don’t find favorable we have to change our perspective on life and that include what stories we are retelling ourselves. Remember, you become the stories you tell to yourself and others. To start living a more productive and meaningful life you’ll have to shake off a bunch of those limiting ideas, so you’ll be able to uproot the greatness that is in you. It is possible to change your circumstances and the change will be directly link to the stories that you will tell yourself. The time to walk away from limiting beliefs is NOW because you were design for a greater purpose. Remember, we are powerful beyond measure. It’s on you to change your stories to I can, I will and I have what it takes…!

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