The Fight Is Still Within You

TheFightIsStillWithinYouThe fight is still within you and if you have been knocked down by life daring obstacles, remember, there is still some fight left in you. I visited Rev. Al Miller church this morning and he mentioned that there is still some fight left in you. That phrase was a part of his message and for some reason my mind went back to an articular that I read some time ago on the fight with Mike Tyson and Buster Douglas of which the fight was favored to Mike Tyson 42-1. With odds like that, the opponent was not seen as having a chance of defeating the champion. You too maybe up against an odds like Buster Douglas, but I want to remind you that you too have  within you the fight to make it through and not just to make it through but to come out victorious. Remember, spectators, on-lookers, commentators doubted that Buster Douglas has within him the fight that would make him the champion. That was not his concern. Buster Douglas reason was greater than all the odds they came up with. By the same token, just as how Buster Douglas had a reason for winning, you too have to attach a greater purpose to WHY you want to win in order to win. Buster Douglas mother died and he want to win just for her and he did. The thing is, you don’t have to wait for a drastic situation to happen before you decide what your reason to win is. You can decide now. Moreover, when you know your reason as Buster Douglas did, you’ll draw for it when life hit you down and doing so can give you the strength you’ll need to get back up.

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