Fathers Do Care

FathersDoCareYou may have heard many times that fathers need to step up and play a significant role in their children’s life and not just to be a father but be a dad. Father’s do care! Well, after speaking this morning at Calabar High School a father was doing just that – he was making sure his son who is in grade 8 become the best that he can be. What happen was that the father realized drastic changes in his son’s academic performance, the time he’s coming home and that indicates to me that he’s paying attention to his son’s education and well-being.

I know that there are a lot of fathers out there who are doing an awesome job of being there for their children, but what we here about mostly is about the fathers who are not playing the role that they should be playing. Father’s if you are doing a great job, continue and if you are not, step up because your children need you.

We must give credit where it’s admirable. The father this morning knows his son potential and wanted advice on the best way to help him to refocus. The father was showing faith i his son– and that he believes in him despite the drop back in his academic performance. Indeed, that’s one of the best gift that a father can give to his children; especially his son and that is  to let (him) them know that he believes in him. As Mother Theresa would say, we must be the change that we want to see in the world. 

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