P.P.R.P.P Will Inspire Others To Action

PPRPPHow do you view yourself? Do you see yourself as weak? Do you live your life on the terms of which others have outlined for you? View yourself as powerful, because you are. See yourself as strong, as you may have heard, let the weak say I AM strong. You must claim that which you want. I once heard T D Jakes mention the effect of how powerful people recognize potential in people and I wanted to be that. However, to recognize the potential in others, one must recognize the potential in them self. In fact, as you point out what others are good at, you will in the same breath inspire them to action and even to feel more confident in themselves. As we cannot do for others what they must do for themselves, we can at least recognize what potential we see in them. You have an opportunity to be a P.P.R.P.P – Powerful Person who Recognizes the Potential in other People, and don’t be intimidated. Why? We all have our own mandates to carryout. It’s just like our finger print; we are all here to leave our imprint. No one will be able to take what’s yours. So, don’t be intimidated by others. Take the opportunity to recognize what ability you see in other people. It’s time to become because YOU ARE powerful beyond measure and so are others.

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