Take Action Immediately

TakeImmediateActionHave you ever noticed what happens when there is something specific for you to do and you delay doing it? No progress is made and sometimes you later blame yourself for not taking immediate action. You don’t want to be sitting down wondering what the outcome will be or asking the opinions of everyone you know what they think about the action that you need to take. That practice will only delay the progress that you need to get ahead. Action is required for you to get ahead. Delaying, wondering and asking everybody you know is procrastination at its best. If you have an idea or a burning desire, you must take action immediately, and after the action you’ll have to discipline yourself to get the most favorable result. Life is a marathon, so pace yourself as you go along. For me, when I have the urge to do something, I start painting the picture of what I want the end result to be. Although it doesn’t always manifest 100% to what I have envisioned, I prefer to take action. This is a key component for all successful people. When action is taken for an intended purpose you don’t always get the intended result, but what I have found is that I still learn something of value from every experience. The opposite happens when I have procrastinated, and most of the time it is because I wanted to hear everyone else’s opinion on the idea. With practices like that, I couldn’t make any advancement. Do you want to advance? Then don’t delay. That is to say, don’t sit around waiting for the right moment. If you want to accomplish more out of life, you have to execute, and that time is now.

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