Maintain A Grateful Attitude

MaintainAGratefulattitudeIf our words are powerful, then why do we complain about what’s not going good in our lives? Dwelling on what’s not going well will repel the good that is there from coming into your life, so maintain a grateful attitude. Doing so will make it easier for you to attract what you want. One thing my mom always say to us as kids is that we should thank God for the small mercies. When we are able to appreciate the little things it makes room for the bigger things. Be grateful today!

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4 responses to “Maintain A Grateful Attitude

  1. So true. Many times people complain about the negatives, but ignore the positives. Don’t just look at the glass and say, “It’s half-empty.” Look at it and say, “It’s half-full.” The way in which you view your tribulations, will determine the outcome.

  2. I have tried to take the time to keep a gratitude journal. It is a very simple one where I try to write very brief descriptions or just a word of two of what I am grateful for and try not to repeat them again on my list. The change in my outlook has been profound as a result. It is far easier for me to now see and appreciate the positive possibilities in world around me. I really enjoyed your post.

    • Thanks Osomann for stopping by and commenting. Appreciated. I have heard of the Gratitude journal and how it have change the lives of many people as you said that it profoundly changed your life. I am going to take back up my gratitude journal. I once started to write down what I’m grateful for. Have a bless one

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