4 Tips To Help You Score Your Goal

ScoreTheGoalThe FIFA World Cup games are on their way and many people all over the world are predicting who’s going to win and how many goals their team or players will be scoring. You may be Team Brazil, Team Argentina, France or USA but whoever you team is, you want to see them scoring goals. Furthermore, all teams have trained long and hard to be in the world cup and they all want to score, and I hope you too would want to score in your life.

What I have for you are the top 4 ways for you to score. For you to score your goal you have to GAIN the confidence to take the shot. That is to believe you can and remember, you will not score if you don’t take the shot. For you to score your goal, as Messi did, you have to take the OPPORTUNITY when it presents itself. They said luck is opportunity that meets preparation. So to score you have to take the chance when the opportunity arrives. For you to score your goal you have to AIM in the direction of your target. In fact, success is both deliberate and intentional. Therefore, make your aim deliberate and intentional.  For you to score your goal, you have to LEVERAGE your resources. That is, you have to utilize what you have and make the best of it. As in the World Cup, if a player kicks best with his left foot, he will have to strike with it whenever he gets the chance. You too have to strike with what you have.

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