13 Ways to Better Relationships

We need each other in some way or another. Therefore, for the already existing and to be formed relationships, I’ve listed 13 practices that we can all incorporate into our lives for better relationships. A positive and healthy relationship can enhance the beauty of life in so many ways. For one, a healthy and positive relationship doesn’t judge or drag the other person down, but more so inspires and uplifts them to be more. Moreover, when we nurture our relationships, not only can they serve as our best support system, but they can go beyond that and provide so much more.

To better our relationships we should:

  • RESPECT the other person
  • ESTABLISH boundaries
  • LEARN important things about the other person
  • ASSIST others when needed
  • TRUST others
  • INITIATE positive communication
  • OWN our mistakes and don’t blame others
  • NOTICE their strengths
  • SHARE constructive feedback
  • HONOR their good quality
  • INCLUDE other member(s) partner (s) in decision making
  • PRACTICE small acts of kindness
  • SOLIDIFY the relationship by being compassionate and understanding.


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