Question 2: How Do You Deal With Diversity In The Workplace?

Question 2Question 2. How do you deal with diversity in the workplace?

I will start by saying that diversity in the workplace plays an integral role in increasing productivity. In fact, where diversity is concerned, it doesn’t only entail the ethnicity in the workplace but all of the demographics of the people who art a part of the workforce. What is so awesome about diversity is that with it comes different approaches that can increase productivity, different viewpoints that make solving problems easier and different perspectives on serving a diverse customer base. Therefore, diversity is important and any organization that wants to have a broader scope of things has to embrace diversity in the workplace. Being from Jamaica and now living in the United States, I have worked in various organizations and have witnessed how different leaders deal with diversity in the workplace. One thing that stood out for me while I was working was that I had a perception of myself and also a perception about the other employees. Sometimes, those perceptions prevented effective interaction.

So, how do we deal with diversity in the workplace in order to get the most favorable results from the employees? Remember, diversity is not solely about the ethnicity of the workers, but the focus is on the entire demographic.  To make diversity work in the workplace you will have to celebrate the differences of your employees. Doing so will make each person feel appreciated. Also, you want to treat every worker the same (with fairness) without showing favoritism because of one’s status. Doing so will help prevent discrimination among workers. Furthermore, you want to encourage interaction among workers, because when they find an affinity with another worker they will in turn work better with each other. By the same token, you need to encourage diversity when creating teams within the organization and share the benefits of diversity at quarterly meetings. What we have to remember is that, we may not see things the same way; we may not go by doing things the same way; we all may not have the same outlook on life; we all may have different ways of being productive and that is perfectly fine. However, to be extraordinary and to maximize your productivity you must combine your differences for the greater good of your organization.

A diverse workforce is vital for today’s workplace.

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2 responses to “Question 2: How Do You Deal With Diversity In The Workplace?

  1. An engaging topic of discussion once again Richard. Throughout a thirty year career in public and private administrative roles I have seen first hand just how important diversity in the workplace is. We need to conciliate preconceptions before we can fully embrace a productive, meaningful co-existence in the workplace.

    • We have to embrace diversity as the workplace are now more diverse. We have to learn to understand each other in order to have a a more productive work environment!

      Appreciate your comment!

      Send me a question! Thanks

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