Question 7: What Can Employers Do To Motivate Their Existing Employees?


Question 7. What can employers do to motivate their existing employees?

All employers want to have good employees not employees who only come to work for the paycheck, but who come because they have a passion for what they are doing. Therefore, I believe it is imperative for employers to do there due diligence of finding ways to motivate their employees. A motivated employee will feel more enthused about getting up to go to their place of employment if they know that they are appreciated. So, how can employers motivate their existing employees?

Employers can motivate their employees through recognition. If an employee is recognized for the good work they are doing they’ll feel motivated to do even more. When I was working in retail and I knew I had a good day, I always looked forward to coming in the next morning because our manager always recognized the effort of the top sales person for the previous day.

Friendly competition also helps to motivate existing employees. I saw where employees have done better when there is a friendly competition going on in their organization. My experience was in sales, and I have seen employees who never broke the $500 mark end up selling over $1000 worth of merchandise in one day. For some, friendly competition will get them outside of their comfort zone.

Another way of motivating employees is to reward their accomplishments. I can tell you that it worked for me. When my employer gives me a goal to reach and there is a reward, I feel more motivated to get it done, because I’ll have something to show for my effort. Everyone likes to be rewarded especially if they are doing a good job, but be careful of differing personalities. While some like to be rewarded publicly in front of their peers, others prefer a more low-key approach.

Employers that provide an environment that fosters growth can also motivate employees. Employees who know that they will get some form of promotion and/or the opportunity to learn new skills will be more apt to put their best foot forward to ensure the job is done properly. Not to say, the job won’t be done properly if the opportunity for growth is not available, but employees will feel more motivated to do so, if they are provided with opportunity to grow.

When employees are given autonomy they’ll feel more motivated to get their work done because they’ll have the opportunity to use their own creativity, resources, skills and abilities. With autonomy, employees also get the opportunity to grow as they’ll find new ways of doing things.

People want to know that they matter. So, when employers recognize, reward accomplishments and provide opportunity for growth employees will feel more motivated to get things done. Employees matter!

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4 responses to “Question 7: What Can Employers Do To Motivate Their Existing Employees?

  1. People forget the power in the 2 simple words – THANK YOU

  2. Through the years, Richard, I’ve been a part of numerous public and private sector corporations/companies, with vastly differing approaches to employee motivation and acknowledgement.

    I’ve observed both ends of the spectrum in terms of employer (and supervisor) focus (or lack thereof) on recognizing the efforts of employees. First and foremost we need to reinforce the critical role that employees have in the success of a company. While senior personnel play their own critical role in the operations of the company, employees are the essential element, the very backbone of the company in terms of the cogs in the wheel that keep the business engine running.

    I saw the highly negative side of employee relations that left individuals adrift and without motivation feeling that they simply came in day after day just to perform a mundane task to the employer’s benefit. How sad for the employer as that employee will have no sense of motivation nor loyalty to dedicate themselves to the employer for anything other than short-term. Revolving door human resources are highly damaging to many companies and they certainly struggle to attract quality candidates to their firm.

    Indeed, if there is reward, however great or small, a broad smile and congratulations for a job well done goes a long way with employees and anyone observing such acknowledgement.

    Here’s a powerful thought…we raise our children through positive reinforcement…we would be seriously remiss to fail to extend that powerful sense of purpose in those who contribute to our organization in such a critical and meaningful way. Recognition is truly empowerment.

    • Don, you taking the time out to acknowledge what am sharing empowers me to continue. Well, what you share here happens too often where employees feel neglected and unappreciated. Therefore, they do just the little to keep their job. Employers have to know that employees who feel appreciated well more than likely go the extra mile. Cheers!

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