Question 8: What Is The Best Ritual To Help You Transform Mentally?

Question 8. What is the best ritual to help you transform mentally?

This is an amazing question and I will not say I know the best way for you to transform mentally. However, I do know of some rituals that can help with the process. In fact, what I also know is that what is good for me may not be good for everybody, and that’s the plain truth. First of all, what is a ritual? According to an online dictionary a ritual is a series of actions or type of behavior regularly and invariably followed by someone. 

So, to transform mentally, you’ll have to find what series of actions or behaviors you’ll do on a regular basis. To transform yourself can be a challenge, especially if the thing you are going to start doing is new. So be prepared. But I do believe we have the capability to have the transformation we need in our lives. In fact, rituals are our habits, and we all have things that we do on a regular basis. The thing is, how are they working? You decide.

Having a mental transformation is the renewing of the mind. Transformation takes time. Therefore, you have to plan to stick with what you decide to do in order for it to take hold. You can start the process by choosing consciously the things you feed your mind with. If you are someone who constantly thinks negative, you want to start reading information that evokes a positive way of thinking about life. I found that creative visualization also helps with mental transformation. Creative visualization is visualizing new creative ways of getting things done. Another great way to mentally transform is through meditation as with meditation it helps to clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts. Once we are able to block the thoughts that don’t serve us, we’ll be more apt to start thinking in terms of what will enhance our life. Most of my mental transformation came through reading, positive thinking and creative visualization. 

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4 responses to “Question 8: What Is The Best Ritual To Help You Transform Mentally?

  1. A wonderful post Richard. Throughout my years in a professional capacity I was involved in varied levels of sales and marketing and, of course, there was considerable training from the onset. So much of what we do, whether sales oriented or otherwise, is reliant on our thought processeses. As the saying goes “you are what you eat” and conversely we will be perceived through our actions and attitudes.

    I learned invaluable lessons as an employee, as a supervisor and as a manager/administrator. With each successive responsibility I accepted through the years there came greater accountabilities and objectives I needed to reconcile and fulfil. I found myself in ongoing transition not only in task assessment and management but also in self-regulation in terms of approach to daily challenges that came with increased responsibility.

    Without exception I had an extraordinary level of workload, stress management and execution within tight timelines or deadlines. I quickly had to develop a discipline that saw me through each day and as much as I was to a large degree required to work fairly autonomously, self-directed and with self-determination, that discipline became critical.

    ‘Rituals’ for me came down to unwavering task management coupled with the flexibility of adapting quickly to constant change in the work environment. Although we may have our own strict regimen, that adaptability to shifting priorities was essential and that all comes back to flexibility through positive outlook.

    I learned very early on through sales and marketing training, as with managerial roles, that ritual, or the key to successful execution, involved habit-forming reinforcement…persevere, discover what works and apply those principles again and again. Repetitive actions over a relatively short period of time equated to eventual habit…instinctive and motivated coupled with strong judgement and decision making processes.

    My gosh Richard…the writer in me invokes lengthy response to your stimulating discussions. You’ve got my mojo flowing now!

    • That’s great Don! I do enjoy reading your comments too and not only that, what you say here compliments what I have shared. Also, your comment gives me a broader perspective on the subject as you share with me and the other readers your first hand experience. Your first hand experience can well serve as a road map for those who find themselves in similar job positions. To say the least, you have a great way of expressing your experience. Respect!

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