Question 14: How Do You Make Each Day A Masterpiece?

MasterpieceQuestion 14. How do you make each day a masterpiece?

Making each day a masterpiece is to make each day that we are blessed with count and meaningful. Furthermore, when the day is meaningful we feel much better about ourselves. I believe making each day a masterpiece has to be intentional and deliberate. There is no accident in making your day meaningful. I have 11 simple ways to make your day a masterpiece:

  1. Make time for yourself. You deserve some me-time to relax, reflect and count your blessings.
  2. Act as if today is your last. Share with your family, your friends and even strangers. Your kindness does wonders, and you don’t want to save your kindness until later. Later is always now.
  3. Stop worrying. Remember, worrying takes you nowhere. In fact, it is wasted energy that could be used on something meaningful, like thinking about what you are grateful for today.
  4. Talk to everybody you meet with a loving heart. When you do, not only will your day be a masterpiece, but you’ll make someone else feel good, too.
  5. Engage with passion in thing you love to do. Doing what you love will make you feel good and it won’t even feel as if you are working.
  6. Reach out and embrace someone who is unable to return the favor.
  7. Have a positive mental attitude. It will help you to have a more pleasing personality.
  8. Have positive inner dialogue. That is, it should always be in alignment with the possibility of you achieving your ultimate goal, because it is possible.
  9. Eat what will provide your body with the nutrients you need. Don’t only eat to fill your belly.
  10. Connect someone to your daily objective. When you include someone in what you are doing it builds better relationships and trust.
  11. Eliminate distractions. Distractions can take your joy away. When the day ends, you realize nothing meaningful was completed. Focus on what makes your life meaningful.

We are only given one life and there shouldn’t be any reason for us to want to live our lives any other way than living it as a masterpiece.

And don’t forget that you are a MASTERPIECE!

What did I leave out? Please share…

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4 responses to “Question 14: How Do You Make Each Day A Masterpiece?

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  2. My gosh Richard, how I wish I had become aware of and embraced your words so long ago. I am truly happy with life as it has evolved for me yet embracing your words so long ago would have made my days so much more meaningful, positive and paved the way for reinforcement of my own values and belief structures at a time when I truly needed them most.

    I worked in a highly negative and often dangerous career occupation which really lent itself to a distortion of attitude and a negative sense of being capable of nothing more than going through the motions day after day after day. I would see people seemingly loving their work and personal lives and struggled with the possibilities (or impossibilities as perceived).

    I love the idea of owning a day, my day, as a masterpiece! Thank you so much for this.

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