Question 20: How Do You Get Things Done When You Are Feeling Overwhelmed?

OverwhelmedQuestion 20: How do you get things done when you are feeling overwhelmed?

It is okay to dream big dreams. It is okay to think big. However, doing so can make you feel overwhelmed. What can happen when you are feeling overwhelmed? Being overwhelmed can put brakes on the progress that you want to make in life. I have been there myself looking on several things that I want to get done and I know a lot of people have had the same feeling too. What I now know is that things can still get done, but some things have to change in order to get the result needed.

The first thing you want to do is step away for a moment! When you are feeling overwhelmed is to good take some time to breathe- be still and quite the mind for a moment. That is, moving away from things you are currently engaged in. Doing so can put you back in control of what you plan to. Importantly, it gives clarity on what action you can take next without having that cumbersome feeling.

The second thing you want to do is make yourself a plan – prioritize the thing you want in order of how you want to get them done. Make sure when they are in order they are in order of importance. When what you want to get done is in the order of importance you can focus on a specific thing to see that it is completed before going to the next. Doing so also put you in control and not the things you want to get them.

The third thing you want to do is execute the plan you have made in steps. As you have heard a journey begins with a single step. If you are able to do what you say you are going to do in steps and it is okay to start with the simplest, then move your way up to the more difficult on the list. Remember, getting things done will motivate you to continue. Executing in the order of what you have set gives you control over what you need to get done.

The fourth thing you want to do is lessen the work load. Remember no man is an island and no man stands alone. Having too much to do at once will not distract you but will weaken your ability to focus on a specific task and it won’t be done to the best of your ability.

The fifth thing you want to do is ask for help and allow the help. Having some help will lessen the overwhelming feeling. ASK, ASK, AND ASK. Asking for help can be hard but feeling stuck is a worse feeling in my book. So, ask for the help and lessen the pressure on yourself.

The sixth thing you can do is change your environment. Sometimes our environment can make us feel overwhelmed especially if your environment is toxic. So, getting out of your current environment into a new environment can give you a greater feeling and can even open your creativity? Change of environment can also trigger new thoughts and help to clarify things that you have had problems with for a long time.

The seventh thing you should take note of is- do you have a need for perfection. You have to know that you don’t have to be perfect to start taking action. If you should read about the successful you can see that they have made mistakes. That is to say, you don’t have to know everything about what you want to take action on, before you start take action. All learning is a process.

The overwhelming feeling comes from not having control over what you want to get done. But, we can still get things done even when we are feeling overwhelmed, but we have to change how we have been going at it in the first place.

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5 responses to “Question 20: How Do You Get Things Done When You Are Feeling Overwhelmed?

  1. Reblogged this on Just the Bomb and commented:
    Ooooooh dearie me. Story of my life!

  2. Excelling as a task master takes time and commitment. That sense of being ‘overwhelmed’ was a very frequent stressor in my work world. Having to work extremely long hours on a consistent basis, being on emergency call through the night and returning to the office at 8:00 am sharp to do it all over again for another sixteen to eighteen hours resulted in fatigue and at times faltering work performance yet the demands were relentless.

    I learned through the experience of others that looking at the big picture can certainly seem daunting, overwhelming, insurmountable and I had to adjust to new methods of tackling everyday routine and unique circumstances thrown in the mix in order to cope with that workload and still produce necessary results by day’s end.

    I found that I needed to break down or compartmentalize tasks by priority and effective sequential order of undertaking in order to lessen that burden or stressful sense of overwhelming. As I saw myself successfully completing each individual task I would progressively realize that the mountain was NOT too high to climb, that my goals and objectives were indeed attainable.

    So much about the success of our undertakings rely upon our perceptions of their scope and our capacity to complete them successfully. Rome wasn’t built in a day and it was a constructive, methodical process from the ground up. We cannot reach the next floor level without climbing the stairs that take us to our destination.

    And as you have mentioned here Richard, reaching out and asking for help or a process of systematic delegation goes a long way. Most organizations have those cogs in the wheel, that support network, that is designed to help everyone in the organization meet targeted benchmarks. We sometimes forget that we are human and not machines.

    Our strict focus on individual steps will ultimately see us through our journey. Small successes lead to greater successes and we reap the benefits of those successes for the duration.

    • As you said, small success leads to greater success and that what everyone has to bear in mind when working towards the dream. One step at a time and celebrate each victory. The big word COMMITMENT, it’s a matter of enduring. Thanks again Don appreciated your comments as always.

  3. That’s true as you state in the second paragraph where when we look at the big picture it can make us feel overwhelmed.

    Asking for help was my weakness for the longest. It’s still not my greatest strength but I have seen how beneficial it is to ask for help. I think we don’t do out of pride or think ahead that the response will not be in over favor.

    Thanks Don your comment is appreciated as always.

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