Question 22: What Will It Take For Me To Be A Good Leader?


Question 22: What will it take for me to be a good leader?

If you have the desire to be a leader then you must know this, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” – John Maxwell

Sometimes we have to take the initiative to be the leader we want to see in our home, church, school, environment or the world. As John Maxwell states in his book, The 360 degree Leader, “Leadership is a choice you make, not a place you sit.” Therefore, you too can be a leader. The young man who asks the above question is getting ready to start a new chapter in his life. He is getting ready to start his freshman year in college, where he want to be more than just a student but a leader on his campus and also a leader in his community. As I look in the young man eye’s I could see that he had made his mind up to do what Mother Theresa had said, and that is to be the change that he wants to see. It is imperative that any students who want to be a leader get involve in extracurricular, student organizations that are in line with your interest and doing so you will get to know others, which is building relationship.

To be a good leader you must:

  • Have a sense of purpose – Knowing what you are about will make it easier for you to become the leader you want to be.
  • Know who you are – It is important you know your strengths and weaknesses. Know what you are good at and delegate the rest to your other team members.
  • Have self-control – As a leader you have to have self-control because you don’t want to be jumping at everything that comes your way, or get upset at everything or anything that doesn’t go your way.
  • Be confident – The best leaders are the ones who are confident in what they are doing and what they are about. Being confident is showing that you believe in yourself and that’s vital component of being a good leader.
  • Be committed – You have to be able to show your commitment to what you want others to commit to. If you don’t commit to what you are doing others will thing it’s not interested to you and they themselves will give it the same treatment.
  • Learn to delegate – You must feel comfortable sharing the work load and when you do, the people who you lead will know that they too are of importance.
  • Be able to communicate well with others – Others must be able to understand when you want them to do and also to communicate with others with respect.
  • Be a team player – Leaders know that Together Each Achieve More. You be able to get more don’t in less team when the team works together.

Being a leader is not a final destination but a continuous journey. You must work on getting better each and every day.

Remember, “A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position.” – John Maxwell

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5 responses to “Question 22: What Will It Take For Me To Be A Good Leader?

  1. “Leadership is a continuous journey” that

  2. Thanks Allison. Appreciate you stopping by as always.

  3. You know Richard, I truly wish I had the opportunity to embrace your words and that of John Maxwell many years ago as I began a career in middle to upper management and operations leadership roles. We were not afforded much in the way of training in those early years and I had to develop a positive sense of my supervisory and leadership roles through the example of a select few.

    In retrospect I was fairly authoritative in my role and without abusing that authority I could have done much better to establish a more meaningful rapport with subordinate staff. I imagine I fancied myself more of a director than a facilitator and team leader.

    In reflecting so I look back, again to my mother’s teachings, to live by the Golden Rule, treating others as I would have them treat me. I have lived out my personal and professional lives believing in that sacred principle and I am confounded by those who cannot or refuse to embrace the principle too.

    I believe that I was often too focused on simply getting the job done rather than applying more effective communications and leadership skills, both of which I possessed, in order to better motivate fellow employees in my charge. Respect is perhaps one of the most challenging attributes to acquire through leadership and guidance as so much depends upon how we pursue that respect.

    • I really appreciate you saying that Don. In regards to authoritative that seemed at one point to be the way to lead. However, as myself is learning that it is to be more supportive as you stated have that rapport with subordinate. You are right on point with RESPECT, because the employee/subordinates will feel more appreciated and when they feel appreciated they will do more and even go the extra mile. thanks again Don for sharing.

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