Question 28: How Do You Know When It’s Time To Evaluate Your Position In Life?


Question 28: How do you know when it’s time to evaluate your position in life?

“Courage doesn’t happen when you have all the answers. It happens when you are ready to face the questions you have been avoiding your whole life.” ― Shannon L. Alder

Doing an evaluation will give you clarity. On this journey we call life there are going to be times when things don’t go as planned. However, doing an evaluation is not only for when things are not going as we have planned. Through evaluation we can see how much progress we have made in or on the task we set out to do. It also let us know if we are not making any progress. In fact, when we evaluate ourselves and along with clarity we get direction on what to do next. So, how do you know when it time to do an evaluation?

These are the top 5 moments when you should perform a evaluation:

  • When you have an unexpected obstacle. For example, your competition launch something new, get fired from a job or your significant other get up and leave.
  • Before embarking on something new. You want to see if you have the necessary resources your need ahead of time, so you can know if you are prepared for your new venture.
  • When you reach a mile stone. You want to see how well you did, how you could improve for your next around and how you could help someone else to reach the same level of accomplishment.
  • When you feel stagnant. Feeling stagnant is a great time to do an evaluation so you can have clarity on what maybe the cause. Also, to see if you have made any worthwhile progress even though you may feel stuck. Either way it will give you a platform from which to move forward.
  • If you have set for yourself a schedule. Stick to your schedule. So, if it is quarterly, every six months, yearly, on the new year or your birthday you should stick with your schedule so you can know where you stand in regards to what you want to accomplish.

Remember, evaluation give clarity on what you have set out to accomplish, because at this time you have to step back and look from the outside in. Evaluation is like being the spectator at a game, you see plays the players don’t see even when the play is right in front of there eyes. Therefore, it’s good to be your own spectator at times.

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2 responses to “Question 28: How Do You Know When It’s Time To Evaluate Your Position In Life?

  1. ‘Taking stock’…

    There was a time when that statement was in reference to the a routine task I performed where I would retreat to the supply room at the back of the office to take an inventory of supplies…to determine which supplies I needed to replenish and which supplies we still had plenty of on hand to ensure the fulfillment of our operations.

    Today in an earlier post I back on times I had reflected on my career…where I had been and where I saw myself going moving forward…’taking stock’ of what I had accomplished and what remained a burning desire to achieve in life.

    For me, it was time to re-evaluate my journey, its path and what I needed to do to find the right path…for me. Your quote here from Shannon L. Alder so aptly distinguishes the reassessment you speak of. Life’s evaluation is hardly a one-time examination, rather, should incorporate an ongoing process with self-professed parameters and timelines with which we can structure our goals and gauge our progress toward attaining those goals.

    It is so easy to lose site of our objectives when the process becomes distracted, mired in obstacles that make the journey more difficult to visualize. What steps was I unconsciously avoiding that are holding me back? Our sight must be clearly affixed on the finish line for the duration of the race, the ‘journey’, otherwise how do we stay the course without losing direction?

    I have experienced moments in my life when I had a great sense that I was standing still if not moving backward instead of moving forward…repeating the same mistakes. When I questioned the reasons it became ever-clearer that excuses were easy yet unproductive and in fact standing in my way to achieving what I so intently desired.

    With clarity comes resolve and new direction, the re-evaluation mapping the journey.

  2. Thanks Don for sharing your thoughts. Yes, we have to take the time to reflect.

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