What Have You Given Up For What You Want?


The discontinuation of something you value is not losing. Sometimes you have to make room for what you want to get out of life. So, although the thing you may have to give up is valuable to you, you may have to give it up for something greater to transpire in your life.

The important thing is this: to be ready at any moment to sacrifice what you are for what you could become.  -Charles Dickens

You can actually get what you want but to add something of value, you may have to give up something else that is also valuable to you, but you have to give up something. You have to decide what is valuable to you. For example, you may have to gave up lengthy conversations that are not helping your productivity or even sleep one less hour to get your task complete. Whatever it is you have to give up, making that sacrifice because it could be what helps you to get more out of life.

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4 responses to “What Have You Given Up For What You Want?

  1. Great advice!

  2. Richard, your Dickens quote here resonates a reality that many would easily overlook in their quest for success.

    Many would perceive having to sacrifice as a failure in life yet it is remarkably true. The very strategy of the game of chess includes the sacrifice of selected pieces of the set in order to manipulate the game in one’s favour…and ultimately checkmate to win!

    The analogy supports the theory well and I have so often in my professional career seen no truer perspective. Many would see nothing but gain on the upward mobility to success yet the reality of the process is quite the contrary in many respects.

    In the game of chess we examine every single move of our own with great determination as we do the opponent’s moves. We must anticipate obstacles and foresee how best to avoid them or otherwise use those obstacles to our own advantage. We cannot physically pass through a brick wall…we need to navigate around that wall to reach our intended destination. Understanding these principles has helped me tremendously through the years.

    • It’s always a pleasure reading your comments!

      We are going to be challenged or have challenges and it’s going to boiled down to how we navigate ourselves through those situations. Experience teaches wisdom as you stated at the end.

      Thanks Don.

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