Are You Ready To Change?


That which is going to change you, is going to teach you.

To change you have to have a shift in perspective. If you don’t have a shift in perspective you are not going to change. Some people change when they are tired of the old methods or just want to try something new. However, starting something new sometimes forces us to look at the challenges ahead, but if we can look at the benefits of making the change rather than the challenge it will alleviate some of the pressure off the mind. Remember, whatever you put you attention on grows. 

It is our shift in perspective that is going to change our relationship with what we want to accomplish and will also help us to appreciate the process even more. However, with any change you want to start with small steps and gradually increase as you go along.

To think about what you want to change is the beginning of it’s conception and that’s what happens when you change your perspective on something or about something.

So, are you ready to change? With change comes challenges, but don’t be afraid of the challenge because if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

You cannot think it unless you know it and you cannot change what you are not aware of.

It’s the shift of perspective that will cause the change, be it your spending habits that your bank balance reflects, your health that your mood reflects, your attitude that your performance reflects, whatever it is. The change will happen when the perspective is shift to a new awareness.

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One response to “Are You Ready To Change?

  1. I need only look back to reinforce the change I desire and work so diligently towards. The look back is mere reminder…the look forward is knowing the place I will soon be!

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