Do You Have An Emotional Connection To What You Are Doing?


Having a deep connection to your aspiration is the driving force that will help you get through challenging periods.

Having an emotional connection means you have a strong bond with what you are doing.

To get the best from what you choose to devote yourself to, means you have an emotional connection to it. Look around you, be it public servants, athletes, actors, speakers, writers, artists, poets, coaches, the ones who have excelled beyond the ordinary all have an emotional connection to what they do. It is the emotional connection that has helped them to get through the tough times. In fact, being emotionally connected to what you enjoy doing doesn’t exempt you from mishaps or challenges. What is does, is help you to push through. Therefore, for anyone who wants to excel beyond the ordinary in whatever profession, they have to devote themselves. However, to devote yourself fully you have to have that emotional connection and it is that emotional connection which will take you through the mundane period of the journey. Merely wanting to do something or not having passion for what you choose to do, will only make you more likely to quit.

You must love what you do.

What should I devote myself to? This is a question that I have asked myself and maybe you too have been asking that same question. Another question for you, what did you enjoy doing as a child? I asked myself that question for almost a year before it came clear to me that I always like to listen and give advice. I gave some bad advice, and my childhood friends could attest to that.

If you have lost touch with yourself it could be because you have (as most of us have) listened to everyone else in regards to what they want you to do or what they think is best for you. If you are doing what you are doing because someone thinks it is best for you and you don’t have the passion for it, having the emotional connection is almost impossible. It is much easier to connect deeply to something that you choose to do, not something that was forced upon you by someone else.

When you are emotionally connected to what you do…

  • You are less likely to quit –develop resilience
  • You are less likely to be distracted – more focused
  • You don’t get bored of what you are doing easily – you find ways to keep the excitement
  • You are more likely to stick it out through the mundane periods – become disciplined
  • You are more likely to find creative ways to do what you are doing – become more creative
  • You are more likely to go the extra mile – develop the courage
  • You become more confident in yourself – you’ll take more action
  • You’ll feel more enthused about what you do – the passion stays alive

To be emotionally connected to what you do doesn’t only come because you love it, it comes by you doing what you love.

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2 responses to “Do You Have An Emotional Connection To What You Are Doing?

  1. Reflecting on what you have addressed here, Richard, brings me to realize a number of connections I have experienced over the years.

    I spent the better part of my working life in a vocation which demanded extraordinary discipline and dedication to my work, so much so that it in part contributed to a failed marriage, potential health issues, an extremely limited personal life, at times with an element of risk in terms of personal danger, and more than anything else perhaps was a lack of true fulfilment.

    I came to a point where my personal life meant more than my professional life in terms of wins and losses and I transitioned into a completely different direction. Why? I guess when you reach middle age and you’ve sacrificed enough to tip the scales between happiness and just getting by in a highly negative career environment your perceptions of career and life in general begin to change.

    I’m not really sure why I spent thirty years in a profession that was less than everything I had anticipated. Couple that with having chosen my career path and dedicating four long years to formal study for a professional designation in that chosen career (with a family and working double the hours most would ever consider) and when one really doesn’t know anything else, professionally, it’s not easy to just walk away.

    Not long into that transition in my career, for a number of reasons I began to write creatively in my leisure hours. Soon, through the encouragement of loved ones around me, I came to begin publishing my writing through the internet. My reading audience steadily grew, their praise so wonderfully heartfelt…and I had begun to develop a passion, perhaps for the first time in my life…a passion through emotional connection.

    Who knew that this writer could pen something as deeply meaningful as poetry, this guy that so frequently looked danger in the eyes and somehow walked away unharmed? This guy who saw poverty, abuse and crime every day of his working life. I began to realize that I had reached a turning point, a realization that I had a strong capability that had nothing at all to do with my career of some many years past…I was doing something I felt a great passion for AND I was helping people understand and cope in their lives through my written word.

    Fourteen years into this emotional connection with literary pursuits I have engaged in this creative passion, with three books of my original poetic works published and a fourth volume due out in the fall. Just a few months ago I launched my own new startup business providing professional services helping clients pursue their own literary dreams, develop their business communications and presentation content among a host of other services and despite the many obstacles and challenges I am driven to move forward in this new direction.

    One of the initial benefits I have realized with this change is a happier personal life, one that my beloved wife can support without the least resistance. She, as do I, believe strongly in the potential benefits yet to come, not least of which will be a complete sense of fulfilment. Passion is a remarkably powerful catalyst and motivator.

    For the first time in my life I am truly doing what I love to do and because I have now begun to know that experience is possible it drives me to press on, even at times when my goals seem far less attainable. And then, too, are the deeply motivating and empowering words of those as yourself, Richard, who have embraced that emotional connection to achieve as they have, as you have. What a marvelous story you have to tell as you move forward in your own journey.

    There are many in this life, including myself, who have settled, who have trudged through, who have perhaps had a passion yet haven’t pursued it to its full potential.

    Belief in one’s self, powerful passion and a desire to look deeper for that emotional connection are our path to fulfilment…with an open mind and determination anything is truly possible.

    • Powerful!

      Very good points and because you had first hand experience you know the effect of doing something that just fulfill someone else requirements. I do believe in pursuing one passion and believe me, I’ll leave a job in a minute if it start to take from me what makes me happy.

      The thing about life we learn as we go and as they say experience is the best teacher.

      This is a powerful comment!

      Thanks Don for reading and commenting and it’s always a pleasure reading your comments.

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