Thought Of The Day

“The misery that oppresses you lies not in your profession but in yourself! What man in the world would not find his situation intolerable if he chooses a craft, an art, indeed any form of life, without experiencing an inner calling? Whoever is born with a talent, or to a talent, must surely find in that the most pleasing of occupations! Everything on this earth has its difficult sides! Only some inner drive – pleasure, love – can help us overcome obstacles, prepare a path, and lift as out of the narrow circle in which others tread out their anguished, miserable existences!” – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

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4 responses to “Thought Of The Day

  1. Richard, your Von Goethe quote may seem a rather harsh summation to many yet his reflections ring true. Our life is what we make of it and if we believe that our life is intolerable or unfulfilling what then? Do we hate the world and succumb or do we do something to change our life for the better?

    It is far too easy to settle, to accept our ‘station’ in life when we all have the potential, the capability of enjoying so much more. If we allow our negative perceptions to create a plateau in our lives, to hold us down, we have no-one but ourselves to blame.

    What we choose to believe, to acknowledge and to accept in life is what our life will amount to. Fulfilment and success does not come handed to us on a silver platter. We have to believe in it, fight for it, sacrifice for it and never lose sight of it.

    I choose to believe in more and accept nothing less. I live in a constant state of discovery, as does an infant child, with the attitude that there is so much to learn, to develop and nurture.

    With each new and exciting discovery of today is the powerful promise of all tomorrows.

  2. What’s up, after reading this amazing article i am too happy to share my knowledge here with friends.

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