Just Indulgence Is Not Freedom

We Mistake Indulgence

Poem was inspired my the above quote.

Are you spending time with the intention just for it to past by

What an indulgence, have you ever ask why?

You’ll get past that which is consider as just indulgence,

Only after the time is spent on self-examination.

Why should a man be his own hindrance?

Go ahead and examine what you really want.

Because this is your citation.

You don’t want to let fear hinder you from spreading your wings.

Worst comfort,

Because where you are is not fixed.

Just to say, you are not buildings.

If it’s just a thought, then you must and

You have to muster the courage to detach yourself.

And if you are just doing to fit in

You are unconsciously screening yourself from your own greatness.

Indulgence is not freedom

And if you are just doing it for him or her

That’s just a false pretense.

The thing is,

You’ll later ask questions and just to realize it didn’t make any sense.


Don’t dismiss that mishap as yet.

What have you learned from your indulgence?

That which you have mistaken for what you want.

You still have time.

But never forget,

Whatever you spend a lot of time doing

Was initially like a seed.

That was nurtured by all those times you have put in.

But for your metamorphosis

The things you consciously choose should be tied with your desire

And not just to fit in –

If you can do that; 

You are on a path to achieve even more than you can imagine…


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2 responses to “Just Indulgence Is Not Freedom

  1. Idle dreams have all the markings of indulgence, fleeting thoughts without substance or reality. We all have those during our lives but when it comes to achieving our desired goals, substance comes in the doing. Sadly, I have seen numerous individuals spend their entire lives talking the talk, never doing the walk. They are lost in their own self-indulgence.

    You know I love poetic expression Richard and your words articulate in a creative and formative way, not to the exclusion of continual inspiration.

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