8 Things To Remember If You Want To Be Successful

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Successful people

Believe in what you do. (1)

You have to keep your eyes on the prize.



You must believe that you deserve it.


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4 responses to “8 Things To Remember If You Want To Be Successful

  1. Awesome compilation of successful quotes. Thanks for the inspiration, especially the one with Usain Bolt. It’s not because he is talented alone that got him the gold. It’s talent coupled with hard work. God will give you a gift and/or a talent, but you have to put out the effort to birth that gift or develop that talent. If not, everything becomes useless.

    • Thanks Minister Gertrude for commenting. Usain Bolt is definitely an inspiration and every time I see him run I remember back in 2004 or there about, when they say he would not come back from the injuries and see now through hard work how he make running looks effortless.

      As you said, we have to work on whatever gift we get from God.

      Have a bless one my sister.

  2. All wonderfully inspiring Richard. Thank you for the insight and enthusiasm you represent through your published words of motivation and empowerment.

    I learned something critical years ago when I desperately wanted to quit smoking and what I learned has carried and sustained through everything I do to this day. Reputedly one of the single most difficult challenges to overcome is the addiction to nicotine. Smoking is a killer habit that easily takes control if we succumb to but a small exposure physically and mentally. Walking away from that addiction is far from easy yet fully achievable.

    Just prior to quitting that awful smoking habit I read an interview of a prominent medical practitioner whose name escapes me yet what that physician said in that unforgettable interview changed my entire outlook on career advancement and life in general.

    When asked for the secret formula that will help ensure smoking cessation the doctor replied “there is no secret about quitting smoking. The critical aspect of quitting is not to ‘keep trying’…it is to STOP using or thinking you are going to ‘TRY’ to quit again. As long as ‘TRY’ is in your thoughts, in your vocabulary, you will NEVER quit.”

    The doctor then concluded the fundamental aspect of quitting smoking. He emphatically stated that “YOU MUST DECIDE THAT YOU ARE GOING TO QUIT. You are not going to ‘TRY’ to quit again…”you are ‘GOING TO QUIT’. He embellished that unless and until we firmly decide what we are GOING to do (whether quitting smoking or cutting the lawn or going to medical school, studying a trade or flying to the moon)…we MUST decide WE ARE GOING TO DO IT!

    And so it was that after eighteen years of smoking I did indeed quit that awful habit. I only wish I had recall of the doctor’s name for whom I quote here. I have applied his advice in everything I have done ever since. “Aint no mountain high enough…”

    As the NIKE logo says “Just do it!” By engaging that conviction, that commitment that we ARE going to do it, only then will that goal become fully attainable. That would be my contribution to Number Nine on your list here Richard.

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