7 Reason Why You Need To Declare Independence From What Is Keeping You Small


Having the motivation to declare your independence, means that you know within yourself that you are capable of achieving more.

I don’t think you want to be held back and I hope you are not contributing to the keeping small mentality. Start declaring your independence today, because settling for less should not be your forte. A time must come and what better time to start but now to declare independence from what may have been keeping you small. Furthermore, once growing and improving is your disposition then by all mean you should not condone anything less. 

  • Limiting belief – It’s time to declare your independence
  • Victim mentality – It’s time to declare your independence
  • They need to give me a break – It’s time to declare your independence
  • Negative associations – It’s time to declare your independence
  • It’s too late to begin – It’s time to declare your independence
  • They don’t love me – It’s time to declare your independence

When you declare independence from what is keeping you small

  • You’ll reach your goal in life quicker
  • You’ll become more focus on your objectives
  • You’ll have a more positive outlook on life
  • You’ll believe more in your ability 
  • You’ll be less incline to make excuses
  • You’ll be more incline to take the necessary action towards your goal
  • You’ll see yourself as victorious and not as a victim

The condition under which you are influence on the perspective of thinking small may lead you to believe that you have to wait until the conditions are perfect before you take action. Your environment and associations will influence your perspective on life. We are all influenced greatly by the people around us even if you think you are strong minded, their outlook and disposition will rub off on you if you don’t gain the courage to declare your independence. Think big. Believe big. Achieve big. You deserve it.

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2 responses to “7 Reason Why You Need To Declare Independence From What Is Keeping You Small

  1. Richard, your comments here remind me of a well known saying that begins “In a perfect world…” and closes with an acknowledgement that our world is anything but perfect. We can choose to see that imperfection as a roadblock or we can change our perspective and focus to steer around that which might become an obstacle for us.

    As Forrest Gump is quoted as saying “Life is like a box of chocolates…You never know what you’re going to get.” That being said, our perceptions about our own capabilities and potential in life may hinder our prospects for success unless we can embrace that independence with which you speak.

    There is someone close to me (related) who harbours a deeply negative outlook and when I optimistically suggest she pursue an obvious talent she has her immediate response, regardless of what it is I speak of, is “well it probably wouldn’t work/sell/get noticed/go anywhere…” Her own outlook is keeping her from pursuing what she has already achieved and it could change her life immeasurably. Very frustrating to see.

    I made a major decision to break away from a thirty year career to pursue something I truly love doing and though that decision took me well out of my own comfort zone, regardless of eventualities I will never regret having made that decision to chase a dream!

    Your presentations have evoked much contemplation on my part Richard and help to keep me focused on those things that really matter. That you inspire in others the desire to change their lives in so many positive ways must be very gratifying indeed.

    • Well said Don and THANK YOU. I can tell you OUR PERCEPTION MATTERS because there were a lot of things I use to believe I cannot do because of what I didn’t have…

      As you said the writing evoke much contemplation…that’s one of the reason behind the sharing as we all need the reminder at times.

      In the same breathe, while sharing my thoughts it helps with keeping my thoughts positive.

      Respect and have a bless one!

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