7 Essential Things To Confront If You Want To Be Successful


Having the tools to succeed in life is not enough.

You may have been going to seminars, reading the books, watching positive videos and may still experience the same set of life pitfalls that come from your own doings. I still have things that I need to confront, but what I do is choose one of them to address at a time to ensure that I have the shift in perception. In fact, what I have come to understand is that we will not be able to change anything that we aren’t willing to confront. The truth of the matter is we have to be willing to be honest with ourselves. Being dishonest with yourself will prevent you from having what you deserve in life. With that being said, if there is something in your life that’s affecting your productivity or progress you’ll have to address it even if it makes you feel uncomfortable in the beginning. That feeling too shall past. So, to change the paradigm of any repeated events or feelings in our lives we have to address them in order for us to make the progress that is indeed possible. 

These are 7 essential things that we must confront if we want to create in our lives the things we want and deserve.

  • We have to confront our fears – Once we face the thing we fear the fear of that thing disappears. You can start by believing in yourself, but you must confront your fears to go past your fears.
  • We have to confront toxic relationships – If you keep allowing someone to zap your energy, it’s your fault. Feel free to talk about how the relationship is affecting your own disposition in life and don’t feel bad about doing so.
  • We have to confront our own bad habits – We are creatures of habit and like me, you may have some bad ones that have been embedded through repetition and has prevented progress. One such bad habit is procrastination.
  • We need to confront the excuses we tell ourselves – If we keep finding excuses for why we don’t take action on what we want in life, there is no way it is going to be done. In fact, excusesare lies we tell ourselves. 
  • We have to confront our own doubts and disbelief – You’ll never get where you want to go if you don’t believe it is possible. I want you to ask yourself, what are you constantly telling yourself you cannot do, be or have? Then, rephrase it in a positive way and repeat it daily until it becomes true to you. 
  • We have to confront our own criticism – If you constantly talk bad about yourself on how you are not capable, not worthy, not beautiful enough or it won’t happen for me because of my social status, and the list goes on, then you’re not going to make the progress that you deserve. Sometimes we criticize ourselves because we are comparing ourselves, but we all are unique and must live out our own individuality. 
  • We need to confront how we spend our time – if you constantly complain that the day is finished without completing what you wanted to get done, you should start prioritizing the things you want to get done and then stick to your list. 

We must be willing to confront that which we want to change.

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