7 Practical Things To Do When You Feel Challenged


“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” – Unknown

Life is not all about the successes. Life is going to present us with challenges and sometimes they are going to feel as if they are unbearable or there is no way out. Never forget, where there is a will there is away. However, not everyone handles challenges the same way, but what I know is that we all want to be singing the victory song at the end of a stormy season. Well, that’s what I want, and believe me, there is no way to be victorious acting like victims. Furthermore, you never want to be running away from the challenges you are faced with in your life. Here are seven practical things you can do when you feel challenged:

  • Think before you act – Sometimes during challenging situations we act without thinking because we are so eager to get pass the challenging moments. Without thinking we sometimes put ourselves in a deeper bind.
  • Take a moment to breath and relax – It is wise to take a moment to step back in order for you to can get clarity and also to get a more objective view of your situation.
  • Get outside support – No matter how optimistic you are there are going to be times when the journey seems unbearable and you are going to need a sounding board or just someone to listen.
  • Don’t blame others for your current situation – We have to take 100% responsibility of our lives, and in fact, blaming in itself will keep you stuck. Being stuck is not the feeling you want to enhance when you are challenged, so therefore don’t blame others for where you are.
  • Accept the changes in life – We cannot stop change and accepting it will lessen the pressure of feeling bogged down. Change is a good thing. It makes us think outside the box.
  • Look for the opportunity to grow – As it has been said, in every difficulty or challenge there is an equal or greater opportunity. 
  • Don’t give up – Don’t let a challenge make you forget why you started on your quest in the first place, and by all means savor the success you attain along the way.

“When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves.” Viktor E. Frankl

“I know that I’m not the easiest person to live with. The challenge I put on myself is so great that the person I live with feels himself challenged. I bring a lot to bear, and I don’t know how not to.” Maya Angelou


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2 responses to “7 Practical Things To Do When You Feel Challenged

  1. Richard, from your first of seven in the list you present here I thought back to a critical time early on in my career when I was experiencing frustration with many things about my work. I felt stressed and oftentimes angered by the actions/inactions of others.

    One day a supervisor of mine, fully experienced in our work environment and with life in general taught me something that has stayed with me all these years and that was to “never ‘react’ to difficult situations, instead be ‘proactive’ in terms of working through those problems, mitigating loss/damage or preventing them from occurring altogether. My life became so much easier from that point forward.

    I think that most of us are guilty at one time or another of placing the blame on somebody else. How easy it is to do so yet even so there are times when the blame is squarely on our own shoulders. For the better part of my career I worked with large companies and corporations and had upwards of eighty staff members directly under my supervision and guidance. I literally had to re-examine the ‘rotation of the wheel’ and how that worked effectively and efficiently and apply that to the human factor, those many employees that depended on me to help them learn and grow.

    Change is indeed a constant in our workplace and out in the world beyond. Choosing resistance only complicates the transition to accepting and working with change. It took me a long time to come to terms with that very concept.

    • Thanks Don for sharing your thoughts on the subject.

      I use to do a lot of blaming myself and shy a way from taking full responsibility. It wasn’t until then I start to see meaningful change in my life.

      Self-Evaluation always help us see the things we need to change.

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