You may already know that everything is created twice

Which leads to this

The circumstances was never beyond my control

The way in which I use to think was my biggest impediment

It was that realization helped me

Unlocked the path to a greater achievement

The WILL to change my outer world

Was ever present

I went within and gave myself a compliment

A gesture it was longing for

I realized that there was more to me than I understand

What was needed was cultivation

What you must know

There is no progress in blaming

The truth is

You have the power to reclaim what you have been given

That which was given to you at birth

You have unlimited resources

So claim your worth

As of today

You don’t have to listen to anyone’s assumption

It is on you to give yourself a new conviction

Once renewed and refreshed

You are going to need self-discipline

Because to exemplify your extraordinary power

Self-discipline must be tied to your desire

I am in control of my thoughts

That realization put me on a different path

I am no longer a slave to my circumstances

To that I have controlled

It’s a matter of me changing my thinking

For upliftment and advancement

It is embedded in my personal statement

New thoughts are what I have been imprinting

Which led to the altering of my mind

And to limitation I am no longer confined

I can obtain that which I desire

I am renewed and refreshed

To that which my mind is now stretched

It will never return to its original size

It’s like my abilities have been pluralized

To travel the journey

May not be easy

But you have the power within you

To complete your mission

Start today with a deliberate intention

Take a good look at your life and decide today to THRIVE

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4 responses to “Refreshed

  1. What a wonderful disposition to embrace…”decide today to thrive…”!

    “I went within and gave myself a compliment
    A gesture it was longing for
    I realized that there was more to me than I understand
    What was needed was cultivation…” Marvelous!

    Our own outlook and perceptions can be our greatest friend or our worst enemy.

    For in the morn of conscious awaken
    Would I rise to a newfound occasion
    Upon excite of anticipation
    To thrive my innermost estimation

  2. You’re most welcome Richard. You know I have a soft spot in my heart for all things poetic!

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