Your Perception

You are worthy of success.

How do you see yourself?

Your actions, behaviors and feelings coincide with your self-image

That which is possible is not only for the privilege

How do you see yourself?

The point of view from which you see yourself is the premise

From which your personality and behavior is built

Bringing this to your awareness is not for you to be overwhelmed with guilt

This is just for you not to further underestimate yourself

How do you see yourself?

Age, gender, ethnicity or social status doesn’t prevent change in self-image

You can begin today and that’s a given privilege

You may have insecurities and doubts

But you are more than what meets the eye

So your greatness don’t deny

How do you see yourself?

What song is there singing in your heart

Through your perception is how you play your part

Now is the time to reconnect with divine wisdom

But be reminded

That sometimes it is your sunlight that should lead the way

Now is the time so don’t delay

You are worthy of success and let that be the perception You have of yourself.

“We can complain because roses bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorns bushes have roses.” Abraham Lincoln 

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8 responses to “Your Perception

  1. There’s some motivation right there! Love the quote! 😀

  2. Richard, this may well be the most significant of your messages I have seen you post to date.

    Each of us was born worthy of happiness and success. Unless we come to embrace this principle we cannot move forward to realise that which is instinctively ours to have and hold…and rightfully so.

    For the longest time I would be satisfied looking on as others reaped the rewards of their successes while I stood back unsure that success was a good fit for me, that it was within my reach. Could I ever achieve that level of success myself? I asked myself that question repeatedly until one day I got mad enough to step forward out of my shell and reach out to embrace the belief that I too was capable and ready to claim my own rewards.

    For some this may sound overly dramatic but after working myself near to death for three decades and observing many individuals that did not deserve the acclaim they proclaimed, I felt an overwhelming sense of determination that I COULD…and WOULD…hold success and happiness close to my heart, mind and soul.

    Before we embark on that journey we need to dispel all the negatives from our conscious thinking…the “I’m not sure”, the “maybe”, the “probably won’t”, the “can’t” etc. until we reach out and defiantly proclaim that “we CAN and we WILL!” When I came to that realization, that burning desire and self-assurance, only then did I step forward and reach for greater possibilities.

    We are all indeed worthy.

  3. Well said. We are all WORTHY. Thanks Don appreciate such compliment on the post. WORTHY, that was something I had to remind myself constantly when it down on me that I was. I wrote it on ALL my books to remind myself until being worthy became a part of consciousness.

    In fact, the day after I post the post I had some of my students read it because it is something I tell them everyday/remind of everyday of their worth.

    The perception we have of ourselves matters!

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