Don’t Be Left Behind

Self-Reliance Is a Must

Don’t be left behind

There is a deeper calling

But for the quest

Self-reliance is a must

That which you must do

You must do

I hope you are already aware

That this is not a test run

And although it is required of you to stay focus

Incorporate some fun

For your new found purpose

Promise yourself that you’ll work for your own

Bear in mind

Sometimes you’ll have to stand alone

Can you manage that feeling

It is in that time

That you’ll have to be more resourceful

And not only that but be mindful

Mindful of your capabilities

In order to make use of the possibilities

Don’t be left behind

And if you make up your mind

Opportunity will not elude your grasp

If you’re feeling stuck

Maybe it’s time to let go of the past

And most certainly

Adversity will not out do the men or women

Who knows

That they must start creating from within

To remind you

Those who outlast the test

Realized the importance of relying on themselves

Focusing on your task

Is not you being selfish

But to break the bond

Your commitment is needed

And because this is a choice

It’s going to be on you to dictate your worth

Those who have bet on you

Would love to see you press on

And that is what will justify their faith in you

But promise yourself

‘I will not be left behind’

There are people out there who are waiting for you to show up in your greatness.

“It is easy in the world to live after the world’s opinion; it is easy in solitude to live after our own; but the great man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude.”
―Ralph Waldo Emerson

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2 responses to “Don’t Be Left Behind

  1. Richard, thank you once again for sharing the gift of self-belief and perseverance.

    With regard to standing alone, I never thought that I would ever cross that threshold of standing alone…in desire, in purpose, in the foresight that I was brought on this earth for a reason and I WILL fulfil that purpose.

    Purpose is born of vision and our dreams demand commitment that you speak of so often Richard. The wisdom of Emerson resonates in this quotation. The comfort of our being within our own skin bears resonant faith in our bounty making.

    Therein lies your wisdom through this powerful affirmation.

  2. You are welcome Don. Sometimes the journey to something greater will feel lonely… and it is the “I WILL” attitude that will help to ‘fulfill that purpose’ It is a pleasure as always to read your comments. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Have a bless one!

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