Someone Is Admiring You

You Are Someone Inspiration. (1)

Someone is admiring you

And although they may not say

They are watching you night and day

The actions you take

Is in which they’ll later partake

They see you as a role model

As they are dreaming of one day to be like you

And the fact that complaining you don’t do

They listen carefully to the words you use

Likewise the fact that you never find an excuse

And the positive character that you have displayed

They are hoping to relive them someday

They consider everything you do to be right

So keep shining as you’ll help them to find their light

Remember as you go about your day

There are someone out there admiring you

As you are now entrusted with such opportunity

To pave the way

For that you’ll have to be more mindful

Of the way you play.

To be an example of how to play the game of life is a treasure that has no price.

The best way to teach compassion is to be kind even when they make a mistake.

The first place that a child learn anything is at home and they are more incline to do what they see more than what they hear.

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4 responses to “Someone Is Admiring You

  1. Absolutely beautiful, I love this. Very inspiring.

  2. Richard, your words consistently inspire and in reading your thoughts here today I reflected back throughout my years and recalled with a tremendous sense of admiration those, like yourself, who have pursued a lifetime of enriching the lives of others.

    As a child there were teachers who took the time and all due attention to my inquisitive mind and query; the amateur athlete who, through sheer will and determination, rose onto the winners’ platform shoulder to shoulder with the best to accept their medals for outstanding achievement; the science teacher in high school who piqued my curiosity through involvement and experimentation.

    In my teenage years I recall my grandfather, a retired career policeman who still loved life after all he had seen of humanity, for better or worse; I remember with such tremendous admiration my parents who stood for the good things in life including love, respect, devotion, honesty, dedication, dignity, pride and integrity; I remember those who stepped forward to accept the Nobel Prize for their astounding contributions even through extreme cases of personal adversity and human failure; I remember the astronauts who climbed into the close confines of their lunar craft disembarking to face danger and death in the name of science and exploration.

    I will always remember with the deepest admiration and respect your own daily dedication to inspire in others the potential you believe rests deep within our heart, mind and soul.

    With admiration comes a burning desire to emulate success and achievement. What better reward in life could there possibly be?

    • Thank you Don. Thanks for having me on the list of people you admires. It’s a honor that I humbly accepted and your kind words and unwavering support is greatly appreciated.

      Don I do enjoy reading your comments too!

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