The Advantage


The advantage

Is not only for a few

The advantage

Is also for you

If you can think

You can create your own


And if this is your thinking

I am at a disadvantage

You must have not seen

The great results that came

From good thinking

So if you are considering winning

Know that you can put yourself

At an advantage

By thinking in a certain way

So to think you can

You are already halfway

And because good can get better

Even if you have to give yourself

The challenge

To create your advantage

You must be cognizant

Of what you are thinking

And it should be good thinking

With that

You can decide

To share your unique way

Create your own advantage

By making good thinking

Yours today

If you don’t yet have an action plan

Use what is at hand

And that can be done

By looking closely to the need

Of others

And by doing so

You may find solutions

That others have missed

You can give yourself

An advantage

When you think a certain way.

If the day is finished and you haven’t accomplished all that you have set out to accomplish, don’t start thinking that you are less than capable.

Winners think they can even if they had a bad day.

Train your mind to see good in every situation.

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3 responses to “The Advantage

  1. “Train your mind to see good in every situation.” What a marvelous life principle to embrace. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy sabotaging our own thought processes and beliefs through negative thinking.

    We are human, after all, with a tendency to see things in a negative light. We develop misconceptions and prejudices that jade our thinking to the point where seeing good in seemingly hopeless situations becomes habitual and deflating.

    I have a tremendous respect for those who are able to see the positives in life despite their negative connotations. I drew strength so often from my late mother who, bless her dear heart and soul, was indeed able to see light where there was darkness.

    I spent an entire thirty year career seeing the worst sides of humanity. My own perspective became increasingly negative and it took a concerted daily focus on my part to believe that “good” was much more than idealistic thinking. Life is what we make of it and we have to be open minded and receptive to change, accepting that there is indeed a positive or good side to all that life has to offer…only than will we overcome adversity.

    • Thanks Don for sharing and you are right, life is what we make of it.
      Being open minded is what will give us a broader perspective on life.

      Don it’s always a pleasure reading your insights and experiences that you were able experience. We learn a lot from the experiences we are fortunate to experience.

      Have a bless one Don.

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