Rise Above


Rising above

Is easier to attain

When doing what you love

But your environment

Will play a keen role

And if it is not positive

You will have to fight harder

To stay above

Pay attention

To those that you share your dream

Because to rise above

It’s best if they are on your team

And support your dream

You may encounter obstacles

But likewise those who have risen above

At some point they have removed 

The idea of just doing it for self

But most importantly

They didn’t doubt themselves

You must rise above the doubts

That may still existed

Within your own thinking

Never forget that you are

Designed for greatness

And I hope with that reminder

It will help you to break any bond

That you may have with sameness

And although you may still be looked at

From an ethnicity standpoint

To rise above

You must find in your heart

The means to love.

You may not have produced the best result yesterday, but with today you have an opportunity to continue to work on producing even better work.

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2 responses to “Rise Above

  1. I have been blessed in life that I have a partner who wholeheartedly supports what I do and what I aspire to accomplish.

    Such a critical role our inner circle plays in our beliefs, our confidence, our avowed sense of possibilities. Nothing can be more debilitating than self-doubt. Our personal beliefs and support network will carry us through times of great challenge.

    What might be my greatest legacy? I would like to believe that overcoming obstacles to rise above adversity and challenge were the markers of my greatest achievements…and to always know in my heart that I can.

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