Work In Progress

WorkIn Progress

I am a work in progress

And for that

I work on myself daily

I wonder at times

How to reach my brothers and sisters

Who seem to be lost

I can hear their cry

That which is once like my own

I see in them possibilities

Because that is what I see in myself

I want to grow as a person

Because when I am liberated

Others are too

I am a work in progress

And for that

I work on myself daily

I pretend the whole world

Is listening

And it encourages me

To always give my best

I feel with consistent effort

I can accomplish my wish

I touch the heart of others

By being myself

I worry at times

How my mother is doing


I know worrying doesn’t help

I ask myself when I am in solitude

What can this day mean to me

I am a work in progress

And for that

I work on myself daily

I understand to change a behavior

I have to change how I think

I believe if you are off course

Fate will intervene

I dream that I was running

Upon waking I confront myself

I trust that we are all here

For a purpose


I hope that my brothers and sisters

Find their purpose

I am a work in progress

And for that

I work on myself daily.

Life holds the truth and with each day as life unfolds, we realize that we still have things to learn.

“If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress.” -Barack Obama

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Poem format was Inspired my Alysa Cummings.

8 responses to “Work In Progress

  1. Beautiful poem… 🙂

  2. Aint that the truth!

  3. Inese Poga Art Gallery

    Work in progress so much relates with everything I do and who I am, as well! Great thoughts and post!

  4. Richard, it’s so nice to see these inspired comments here! You do indeed touch hearts. Changing one’s way of thinking may be one of the most challenging aspects of life.

    We are all a work in progress throughout our lives. From infancy taking our very first steps to our dying days we observe, we learn, we act on those lessons and some would even strive to share inspired wisdom for the empowerment of others…how marvelous that is!

    Your thoughts here drew instant comparison in my own endeavours Richard. As an author/poet with published works I am constantly as much a work in progress personally as I am with my writing initiatives and professional endeavours. Each book is an open chapter until I have taken its content fully to where I want it to be.

    Achievement reaffirms our goals and helps us maintain undistracted focus on the finish line. Our purpose becomes clearer with each passing day and our motivation that more intense and engaging.

    Our journey is like artwork on a canvas…always room for improvement, a work in progress until we are satisfied it is the best that it can possibly be.

    • Thanks Don. Indeed we are a work in progress and because i found where i was stopping myself form doing what I was capable of doing I want to encourage others to be all they can be.

      Have a bless one.

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