Rich or Poor


Rich or poor

Boils down to our habits

Because it’s the things that we do

That causes havoc

To set the stage

Do you live within your means

Do you have a specific routine

And because

Life gives us choices

I choose to

Avoid procrastination

In all situation

I realize that I should

Only bite off what I’m able to chew

Because like some

I’m not going to withdrew

Before completion

Doing so is not

A part of my vocabulary

I avoid toxic people

At all cost

Because that’s the best strategy

And the framework

Of poor habits can be overcome

That’s way

I read daily

With reading I have

Impacted my life greatly

And very important

We must set goals

Not just wishes

Especially if you want to go up

On the lifestyle pole

You haven’t escape it yet

Because there are people who

Are going to step on your toe

So you must be able to

Control your emotions

Sometimes some thoughts

Best go unspoken

And if there is a problem

That you cannot solve

Get a mentor

No matter the gender

But whatever you do

Giving up

Shouldn’t be an option

And if you can make yourself

A plan

You’ll be well on your way

For a promotion.

Know your main purpose because it can serve as your door opener.

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5 responses to “Rich or Poor

  1. When I write creatively, Richard, inspiration is critical and I find that very much the same in my professional life. I have endeavoured to absorb and embrace inspiration through your daily messages here, truly an enriching habit!

    As equally important, I see a number of my online friends from various locations also following you now…how marvelous is that?! Paul F. Lenzi, for example, who visited here is a wonderfully inspired writer who I follow.

    When I reflect on goals my focus is clearly on the destination. As with travel, I map out my journey and always reach my destination…the route may vary through change in conditions or obstacles…but I reach that destination all the same!

    • Don I am honored to be able to be an inspiration to you and the many others who have shared their thoughts with me. I must say though, it encouraging every time I read your comments.
      Also, Don I want to say Thank You for the great support and I have differently saw an increase of visitors.

      Have a bless one!

      • You’re most welcome Richard. Inspiration is contagious in such a good way! I enjoy sharing your wonderful perspective with others. To see increasing response here is marvelous and is a clear message that your efforts to inspire and motivate are appreciated. That appreciation in turn will become contagious as well!

        Richard, it is reassuring to know that there continue to be individuals like yourself who care about others and dedicate so much of themselves to helping give hope and supporting the aspirations of others. That in itself clearly gives people greater focus and purpose in their lives. Believing in oneself is not the easiest thing in this life to reach out and grasp, let alone hold onto. That you show others what is truly possible and that it begins within our own heart and soul is the cornerstone to moving forward.

        If every tomorrow were better than todays, how marvelous our lives would, and will, truly be.

      • Don I APPRECIATE IT GREATLY. You are right, believing in oneself can be a challenge but that’s the only way to maximize our potential.

        Things are getting better each day and if we can keep that perspective we’ll see the changes sooner than later.

        “TODAY IS THE DAY”

      • Thank you for the empowerment we acquire through your inspired words Richard! I see increased interest and response with a growing audience daily! Here’s to moving forward!

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